THE SLIDE by Peak Design


MTKS cannot state that enough, often we review products and they are good and function as advertised however with the new Slide camera sling strap by Peak Design we cannot say enough amazing things and this is now a staple on our shoots. We give this our highest recommendation and think you will love it as much as we are. We rate this 5/5 and suggest you pre-order one today! (

Firstly the Slide is both stylish and very functional. It has a sleek black 45mm Tubular seatbelt-style webbing and metal design, the subtle appearance to the padded neck bracing along the back is deceptive as there is much more padding than you may think making it incredibly comfortable no matter the weight of your camera (we tested with a Canon 6D Full frame with a large lens). Additionally the neck portion of the strap itself has a smooth or grip side to it depending on your preference, we found ourselves partial to the grip side. The strapping itself is wider than many we had tried, we found this added to both the comfort and feeling of support. The quick adjusting system on the Slide strap itself makes it a very simple step to adjust to your comfortable hang/neck size. Additionally one of the unique functions of their system is that you can actually adjust the strap to a larger size allowing it to hang to the side and wear as a sling or on a shoulder. One thing that we have found both amazing and useful is their patent pending quick release Anchor Links. Having the ability to quickly and seamlessly remove or attach the Slide in many of our fast paced situations has been beyond helpful. Unlike many strap systems available, the Peak Design team enables you to purchase additional parts separately and in this case the Anchor links. Why this is a key feature is rather than having to buy multiple straps for every camera or if by some miracle you broke one (they are made very tough hence Lifetime warranty on all parts but the Anchor™ each holds over 150 lbs), you can quickly attach a spare or switch between cameras for whatever your shoot calls for. The quick release is incredibly simple and can be accomplished single handily. The Anchor link release also aids in storage, if you are like us and often on the go and traveling than you don’t want a large bulky camera bag on your person. Many compact bags have great storage but not always in the camera area, the fast release Anchors make detaching and storing in a different pocket a breeze. The system is also ARCA-Type tripod heads compatible and the quality of the product is unparalleled.

All in all this is again the best camera support system we have ever used and we suggest anyone from a hobbyist to serious photographers/film makers to pick theirs up today. The quality and durability was well beyond anything we have seen. We put this system through a variety of situations from everything from filming with tigers and lions to beauty photography, events and cave exploring and it never once remotely failed to impress. We are also impressed not just by the product but by Peak Designs dedication with their clients, having a very open communication and feedback policy to ensure the best products. We rate this 5/5 and suggest you pre-order one today! (

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